Direct Recruitment 
Employer branding 
Pre-boarding & On-boarding 
I source, screen and assess candidates ultimately helping businesses to hire staff directly and avoid paying costly recruitment agency fees. I make your company more attractive to candidates by improving your company profiles on your company LinkedIn page and peer to peer recommendation sites such as Glassdoor & Indeed. 
People trust the voice of an employee three times as much as the CEO and a whopping 94% of job seekers in the UK now want to know about every aspect of a company before accepting an offer so it's essential to start managing these platforms. For a free Glassdoor and Indeed Audit on your company, do get in touch. 
I implement recruitment software to make it easy to manage cv applications from the adverts I place on job boards & your social media. 
I recommend skill and aptitude tests, psychometric profiling and video interviewing to help you hire remotely. 
Every hour you invest in onboarding will pay off down the road. Organisations with a structured onboarding programme experienced a 50% greater new hire retention than organisations without such a process (Forbes). Allow me to implement a fully remote induction and onboarding process. From when a candidates signs the contract to when they start with you is the pre-boarding stage which needs to be carefully managed but is another opportunity to fully engage with your new hire so they are raring to go on their first day! 
Sue worked at Thatcham Research for a few months to help us through a particularly busy recruitment period. Sue quickly settled into the role and tackled some tricky issues we were having with our new applicant tracking system and helped us to move things forward.  
Sue developed good relationships with our recruiting managers and provided professional and responsive recruitment support, filling some of our more hard to fill roles. Sue was consistent and positive in her approach, communicated very well and provided us with great support through a particularly challenging time! Thanks Sue! 
Head of HR, Thatcham Research 
Personality Profiling  
Performance & Productivity 
Only 19% of employees think their performance review / appraisal system is effective. Our chosen training provider will train managers in a matter of hours on a simple ‘low-tech’ process based on prompted conversations, rather than going through lots of clicks or paperwork, only with ‘121s’ happening on an if, as and when needed basis. This simple system which I will fully embed in your organisation is all about reducing underperformance and keeping your best people for longer. Once in place, I can then link pay and bonuses to performance. 
Pre-covid, many managers struggled to keep their teams engaged and productive - now with their people rarely in the same room it is even harder. I can recommend interactive e- learning on 'Improving productivity in remote teams' for just £69 per person and which takes around 3 hours to complete. 
The DISC personality profile tool opens the doorway to effective communication allowing you to modify your language and behaviour to manage people in any given environment. People respond better to people they like and understand. People are different but they are predictably different. Clients who have completed the simple DISC online questionnaire are amazed at the accuracy of the results! It is one of the most highly validated instruments of its kind. 
A mentally healthy organisation is good for business. I can support your organisation look after the mental health of your employees which is more important than ever. Strategies include running mental health first aider/champion training sessions and lunch & learns. I can source and promote an employee assistance programme (EAP) enabling staff to speak to a trained counsellor confidentially and I can recommend a speaker with lived experience of mental ill health to deliver an inspiring talk. 
Sue has been instrumental in identifying and improving our training programs across the numerous job functions within the company, no mean feat, given the variety of skills and different needs of our staff! 
Head of Technology, Digital Agency 
Culture & Engagement 
If you run a small business and have a growth mindset yet are unsure how to put culture at the heart of your business, then consider taking the Culture Pledge. I will fully support you on how to be deliberate about your culture. 
Say goodbye to your current survey and use our preferred supplier WeThrive agile engagement platform to uncover how your people truly feel. Employee feedback will swiftly be gathered which highlights where you can do even better. Through online learning and my coaching will enable managers to create highly effective teams, retain key staff for longer and deliver better business results. Find out how your staff are really thinking and feeling with free 30 day access to the software. Move from survey monkey to WeThrive's new pulse survey. Again with free 30 days access.  
#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative centred around a short workshop; empowering women and underrepresented groups to speak openly and celebrate about their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond, thereby breaking modesty norms and glass ceilings. Click here for further information or message me to discuss running this workshop in your business. 
Employee recognition is acknowledged as one of the most effective ways to improve company culture and employee engagement. Our recommended HR admin platform provider has a kudos feature to award your team member with a virtual sticker of appreciation, alongside a helpful note or comment for all the business to see (and applaud). The more kudos each employee receives, the higher up the leader board they climb. The scores are totted up every month and, yep - you guessed it - the one at the top receives the well-deserved accolade of employee of the month. Contact me and I will send you a 15 minute demo video. Free 14 day trial by clicking here. 
If you have home or remote workers then they would appreciate different benefits compared to office workers. I can recommend relevant benefits for both categories. As part of your covid 19 return to work plans, you may wish to consider implementing a free cycle to work scheme which I can roll out. 
Finally, I can review your pay rates to ensure they are competitive and also to see if you qualify to be a Living Wage employer and receive their accreditation which you can use on your marketing materials. Living Wage employers ensure their staff feel appreciated for their hard work. 
I have worked on a major corporate restructuring project with Susan and witnessed, first hand, her extensive range of skills and accompanying professionalism. Susan’s flair and enthusiasm enables her to quickly win the trust of stakeholders at all levels. 
Her breadth of skills, experience and HR knowledge allow her to provide support wherever it is needed in functional HR roles or managing both projects and programmes. 
She is equally at home providing leadership and support for teams, leading strategic initiatives, or designing and delivering training. May I strongly recommend Susan as both a consummate HR professional and as someone who is a pleasure to work with. 
Managing Consultant 
Covid 19 safe offices 
Absence Management 
Supporting in-house HR 
I am helping clients with their return to work plans, managing the staff consultation process and am involved with seating plans and rotas for a return to covid 19 safe offices. 
I am familiar with employee data being stored in filing cabinets and a spreadsheet but encourage clients to use a super easy-to-use HR admin platform where you can safely access your staff holiday planner, view and download employee documents, and manage your appraisals and 1-2-1s – wherever you are. The absence management function in the platform gives you the power to better understand absence records and identify any absence problems. I can help you resolve them. Contact me and I will send you a 15 minute demo video. Free 14 day trial by clicking here. 
I am familiar going into organisations where previously there hasn't been a dedicated HR Manager so I will quickly assess what is in place and idenitify the gaps. Finally, I am used to supporting and working with existing in-house HR/Office Managers, coaching where necessary. 
The Company employed Sue at a time of immense growth and required an experienced HR Consultant who could advise and manage the everyday HR issues that arose. Sue has a wealth of HR legal knowledge and would work efficiently to meet tight deadlines which are set. She has shown she is able to support the Domestic and International HR requirements of the organisation including updating benefits, relocation, recruitment and general advice. 
I couldn't recommend Sue more highly. She has the industry knowledge, experience and character to fit into any organisation whether it be a small independant Company or a Multi-national. 
HR Officer, Food and Service Solutions Provider 
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