February offer 

1 x DISC personality profile report and x 1 hour coaching conversation with me for only £200! 
The DISC personality profile tool opens the doorway to effective communication allowing you to modify your language and behaviour to manage people in any given environment. People respond better to people they like and understand. People are different but they are predictably different. 
The DISC system centres on four different behavioural traits: dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance This system is one of the most widely used for business applications worldwide and is one of the most highly validated instruments of its kind. DISC has a huge number of positive applications, here are just a few; 
Leadership Development – By training leaders in behavioural awareness, effective leadership can be achieved. This includes leaders working to their strengths and to the strengths of those on their team, understanding what motivates others and improving communication. 
Team Building – By understanding the styles of each person in a team, communication can be increased, which leads to improved morale, productivity, sharing information and efficiency in projects. 
Sales Training – Personality and communication are key when building rapport with a client. By being able to understand one’s own natural selling style and predicting that of the client, communication and transfer of information can be adapted to better meet the clients needs and effectively maximise results 
What exactly is the deal? 
A detailed DISC personality profile report sent on email and one hour with me to discuss the findings and coach the team member on ways they could behave differently for more effectiveness. 
I'm in - how do I sign up? 
Yes! I want to sign up right now for this August deal of 1 x DISC personality profile report and x 1 hour conversation with Sue for only £200! 
1. Simply email Sue@yellowhr.co.uk the full name and email address of the person who will complete the DISC profile (ensuring you have spoken to them about this first!) 
2. A link will be sent to the team member to complete the survey. They will receive the full report on email 
3. The report findings will be discussed along with ways to behave differently with your team member for up to 1 hour. 
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